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Asian Programme

The Asian Programme has been set up to encourage and facilitate the training of Christians from Asian countries, or with an Asian background, and to further their theological education. 

The PTC is committed to the global mission of the Church of Jesus Christ and wishes to strengthen its ties with Asian churches by helping to train their current or future leaders in the biblical and theological disciplines. 

The Asian program includes the Graduate Diploma of Divinity (Asian studies focus) and the Certificate of Bible and Ministry (Mission) in Cantonese.

Graduate Diploma of Divinity (Asian Christian Studies)

Core/ Electives
Graduate Diploma of Divintiy (Asian Christian Studies)

OT/NT (8cps)

Church history/Theology (4cps)
Asian Studies (EM506;621;640,689) (choose 3 subjects from these 4; or type B electives in Asian focus studies, total 12cps)
Any other subjects (8cps)*

*Students who want to further their MDiv are highly recommended to choose Bible & Languages as their electives.