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Peter Hastie

Rev Peter Hastie

Principal and Pastoral Dean

Teaching area: Systematic Theology and Apologetics

BJuris |  BTh (Hons)  |  MA(Theol)  |  LTCL

Peter has spent 32 years in Pastoral Ministry as well as 14 years in Christian publishing as the editor of Australian Presbyterian. For over two decades he has been involved in Christian education, serving on the Councils of the Scots College, Bellevue Hill and PLC Sydney and Armidale, where he has been chairman.

Jared Hood

Rev Dr Jared Hood

Academic Dean and Faculty Secretary

Teaching area: Old Testament

BTh (Hons) (Australian College of Theology)  |  DipTh (Australian College of Theology)  |  MTh (Australian College of Theology)  |  GradDipIS (University of South Australia)  |  ThM (1st hons) (Westminster Theological Seminary)  |  MA(Th) (Australian College of Theology)  |  PhD (University of Melbourne)

Jared has spent thirteen years in pastoral ministry, and has lectured and studied in various fields. He has a PhD in Jewish Studies from the University of Melbourne, and a ThM from Westminster Seminary in historical theology. Jared is married to Cassie, who homeschools three of their five children. He is also editor of the Reformed Theological Review.

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Felix Chung

Rev Dr Felix Chung

PostGraduate Dean and Coordinator of Practical Theology & Supervised Learning Experience

Teaching area: Asian Program and Missiology

DipSocWorkMME (Alliance Bible Seminary)  |  MTh (Alliance Bible Seminary)  |  PhD (Reformed Theological Seminary)

Felix, a Hong Kong born Chinese Australian, has been serving as pastor, missionary, and Bible College lecturer in different cultural settings for almost 20 years. He is also involved in different missionary ministries, publishing articles in mission magazines and visiting overseas Bible colleges and churches to lecture on mission-related courses. He is married to Mei, who has also been serving with him as a missionary and church worker for over 15 years. They have one child named Joseph.

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