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Graduate Diploma of Divinity - GradDipDiv

All Graduate Diplomas require the equivalent of one full-time year of study, consisting of 32 cps (8 semester subjects). The aim of the award is to guide graduate students to acquire a foundation of systematic theological knowledge and/or ministry skills, so that they can better contribute in the life and work of their own church.

Entrance requirements: Open to persons who have already graduated from an Australian university in a non-theological discipline.

It is assumed that, because they are already graduates, applicants for the GradDip have the knowledge associated with one academic discipline together with skills of evaluation and analysis of that learning to degree level.

Consequently, GradDip students enter for subjects designated as:

  • 500 level (foundation) or
  • 600 level (advanced)

Subjects are taught concurrently with degree-level students (300 level or 400 level) but with extra assignments and longer essays expected. The GradDipDiv forms a first year of the 3 year MDiv program.