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The Intercultural Studies (hereafter ICS) program at PTC is intended for prospective missionaries, missionaries on home assignment, church leaders, and persons with missionary interests. It combines biblical, theological and practical subject areas with a major study focus in mission.

This program enables students to investigate and critique mission-related issues both around the world and in Australia.
It includes the following ICS subjects in a three year cycle:

ICS foundational subjects

History of Mission, Theology of Mission, Cultural Anthropology, Issues in Missiology, Principles of Evangelism

ICS core subjects

Cross-cultural Communication, Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Context, Spiritual Formation for Cross-cultural Ministries, Cross-cultural Field Education.

Other ICS subjects

Folk Religions, Living Faith, Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts, Applied Evangelism, Church Dynamic and Growth, Ethnographic Research, Mission Seminar (Asian context focus).

Subject offered
Christian Ministry in Islamic Context (EM415/615) 
    Theology of Missions (EM305/505) 
Cross-cultural Communication (EM408/608)
    Cross-cultural Field Education (EM440/640) 

Degrees with ICS focus

The ICS program at Presbyterian Theological College (VIC) can be taken as a one,two or three year course.

PTC offers ACT accredited courses and a research degree focus on Intercultural Studies at different levels:

  • Bachelor of Ministry (ICS focus)
  • GraduateDiploma in Divinity (ICS focus)
  • Master of Divinity (ICS focus)
  • Master of Theology(by Research)
  • Doctor of Theology

Bachelor of Ministry (ICS focus)

The first two years of BMin in ICS lead to an internal certificate of the PTC. The three year course leads to an accredited BMin degree of the Australian College of Theology.

The first and second years can be taken and credited towards the BMin degree. For a three year BMin with an ICS major, students need to complete:

Core/ Electives
Bachelor of Ministry (ICS focus)
Language (4 cps)
Core OT/NT (28cps)
Core  Church History (8cps) 

Theology (12 cps)


EM (12cps), other MP (8cps)

Core  Guided Spiritual Formation (formerly called SEBL) (4cps)
EM (8cps), PC (4 cps), any other subjects (8 cps)

Graduate Diploma in Divinity (ICS focus)

The first year of MDiv in ICS leads to an accredited Graduate Diploma of ACT. Itcan be taken and credited towards the MDiv degree of the ACT. Students need tocomplete:

Core/ Electives
Graduate Diploma of Divinity (ISC focus)  

OT/NT (8cps)

Church history/Theology (4cps)
EM subjects (12cps)
Any other subjects (8cps)*

* Students who want to further their MDiv study are recommended to choose Bible& Language subjects as their electives.

Master of Divinity (ICS focus)

For a 3 year MDiv with ICS major, students need to complete:

Core/ Electives
Master of Divinity (ICS focus)
Language (16cps) 
OT/NT (24cps)

Church History, (8cps)


Theology (16cps)


EM (4cps), other MP (4cps)

EM (8cps), PC (4cps), any other subject (4cps)
Research project: EM (8cps)*

*Students who want to write their research project major in EM need to take two advanced level subjects in Evangelism & Mission before they can enroll in this subject.This is also a compulsory requirement for those who desire to further their study in an MTh degree.

Master of Theology (Research)

Students who meet the admission requirements of the Master of Theology and want to complete the award by research focusing on ICS/Mission should contact the Postgraduate Dean, Dr Felix Chung for details.

Doctor of Theology

Students who meet the admission requirements of the Doctor of Theology with research focusing on a specialised topic within field of mission theology and or practical theology, please contact the Postgraduate Dean, Dr Tony Bird for details.