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Interview with Andrew Wong

15th June 2017

Andrew was studying to become an accountant when he felt God's call on his life to dedicate his time to theological study and the living out of his faith. After a period of prayer and reading the Bible and Christian literature, Andrew is now studying a BTh/BMin here at the PTC!

Andrew Wong

What did you do prior to enrolling at the PTC?

Prior to studying at PTC, I was studying commerce at Melbourne university majoring in accounting and finance hoping to become an accountant in the future!

Why did you decide to study at PTC?

During my commerce degree, God made me realise how I was living life for my own pleasures rather than for His glory. I decided that I needed to live life in light of eternity and for me that was dropping out of my degree and waiting for God to open the door into ministry. While I waited, I spent months dedicated to reading scripture and Christian literature. In doing so, I was persuaded that the Reformed tradition provides the best explanation of biblical truth. I heard that PTC was a faithful college which not only taught sound theology but also encouraged and equipped Christians to live out their faith.

How do you hope to serve in the future after graduation?

I personally don't know what my future ministry looks like, all I know is that I will be making Christ's death and resurrection known wherever God calls me to.

How has PTC equipped you, both personally and in terms of future ministry?

The lecturers, support staff and fellow students have been helpful in providing wise counsel for my own spiritual growth as well as advice in ministry. Their experience has been an invaluable source of encouragement. It is a blessing to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same vision of making Christ known.

What would you say to people considering theological study?

Pray, pray and pray! Prepare your heart and mind for the hardest but most glorious and worthwhile calling! Get involved in your local church and read your bible until God opens the door.

Interview with Winnie Kwan

22nd May 2017

Winnie was a software tester before enrolling in a Graduate Diploma of Divinity at the PTC. She hopes to minister as a hospital chaplain in the future.

Winnie Kwan

What did you do before enrolling at the PTC?

I was a software tester.


Why did you decide to undertake study?

If you had asked me a year ago if I'd go to Bible College I probably would have said no, unless I was called (I felt people who go to Bible college were generally those who would be full time missionaries or pastors/ministers).

But then after I was finally baptised last December I found myself in January with the opportunity to enrol in study.  I had been wanting to serve in the area of chaplaincy for a few years now, but so far felt I hadn't the time nor energy for it. I knew that pursuing this requires me to be equipped, which is why I enrolled to study subjects relating to pastoral care as well as biblical theology in a Graduate Diploma.

During my first semester of study, my view of Bible College changed.  I now think it's worthwhile for any professing Christian to enrol to study some Bible college subjects of interest (whether online, audit or a course) if they have the opportunity, because this is one study you wouldn't regret as it builds you up in faith and trust in God.


How do you plan to use your degree in the future?

I plan to use it wherever God places me. I think that the knowledge and skills gained through the subjects in my course can be used anywhere.

Currently I wish to return to the hospital where I was treated and assist there, however I have been told that people often come in with one purpose and then God changes their plans, so I am keeping aware to being open to other opportunities.


How has PTC equipped you for your future ministry role?

While I've only studied for a semester, I've felt that the subjects I've taken has ministered to me personally, to the point where I have come out of some classes feeling like I've just received biblical counselling.

I also feel I am being discipled as I study here, ensuring I have a right foundation. Any skills learnt has to be applied to myself first before I can really help others with it, and the studies here aims to ensure that you don't just come out with head knowledge, but that it changes you and you grow from it.

Interview with Oli Blythe

17th MAY 2017

Oli is a second year candidate at the PTC, and the creator of a very punny jumper worn around campus! We interviewed him to ask why he came up with the phrase 'School of Hard Knox,' and who the man behind pun was. 

Guess what? You can buy your very own School of Hard Knox hoodie for a limited time!

Interview with Georgiana Runham

3rd May 2017

Georgiana is married to Nathan Runham, a final year candidate at the PTC. She has two lovely children whom she homeschools.  

Georgiana Runham

What do you enjoy most about the PTC community?

We’re new to Melbourne, so it’s wonderful to have a community of like-minded Christian women. It’s great having events in the homes on campus, as I am familiar with how to drive here!

Tell us about your job.

I home-school my two children, which is certainly a full-time job! I usually try to get the schoolwork done in the morning so we can spend the afternoon on other things, however it’s great to have the flexibility to work around regular events like bible study and Mainly Music.

How has being the wife of a candidate challenged or strengthened your faith?

I have had to learn how to be intentional in allowing Nathan the time to study and focus on his ministry. Even though he is at home, I have to acknowledge that he is working and can’t always be available for other things. 

What do you look forward to most in your future role as wife of a full-time minister?

Nathan is actually going to be a chaplain in the Air Force, so my situation isn’t the same as many other women, who know their husbands are going into parish ministry. My role will be less congregational, but more focused on helping Nathan in whatever his role is, which I am already doing now as I support his full-time study at the PTC.

How can we pray for you?

Please pray that I can be intentional in building new relationships, as we are still very new to Melbourne.

Interview with Dhruti Christian

3rd May 2017

Dhruti is married to Samuel Christian, a second year ministry candidate. She works for the Salvation Army, and has two adult children. 

dhruti christian

What do you enjoy most about the PTC community?

It’s really good to connect with other like-minded women in the Ministry Wives group. We’re all in a similar situation, so we can connect in friendship and fellowship.

Tell us about your job.

I am an administrator at the Salvation Army Head Office. I have been working with the Salvos for eight years, except for a period when I worked with my husband’s business.

How has being the wife of a candidate challenged or strengthened your faith?

Every day I need to rely on God. It can be very challenging to take responsibility for earning money and running the house to allow my husband the time he needs to study full-time. God strengthens me spiritually with His provision, and never leaves me. He has taught me of His goodness and sovereignty. Some days I want to give up, but then God reminds me – if He didn’t even spare His own Son for me, what do I have to worry about?

What do you look forward to most in your future role as wife of a full-time minister?

I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store! He has a plan and will use us both for His glory. I’m nervous about the challenges, but God will sustain us.

How can we pray for you?

Everything! Please pray particularly for my spiritual growth and reliance on God, and that He will build up my relationships with everyone around me for His glory. Please pray for continued good health, and for persistence and grace in supporting Samuel in his studies.

Interview with Bec Walz

7th April 2017

Bec is married to Jesse Walz, a fourth year ministry candidate. She has three beautiful children, and is the leader of the College Ministry Wives group. 

Bec Walz

What do you enjoy most about the PTC community?

I love that we can be united in Christ, and be an encouragement to one another to persevere in faith and serve God.

Tell us about your job.

My full-time role is to be a mother of my three children Kai, Ellie and Hannah, and be the helper to my husband Jesse. I believe the role of helper to my husband means being a fellow worker alongside him in the ministry. As part of this, I am a leader of the College Ministry Wives association here at the PTC.

How has being the wife of a candidate challenged or strengthened your faith?

No matter what stage of life, there are challenges. In this phase in particular, enabling my husband to have uninterrupted study time is certainly a challenge, especially as much of his work is at home. Finances and time management are challenging areas, so I need to trust that God will provide for us. 

What do you look forward to most in your future role as wife of a full-time minister?

I was actually praying for God to allow me to be a minister’s wife, two years before I met Jesse! I am grateful that God put the desire in my heart so early on, so the role wasn’t thrust upon me unexpectedly. I think it's wonderful that minister’s wives can love and encourage people full-time, so I really look forward to doing this for a congregation.

How can we pray for you?

Please pray for patience and endurance as we spend our final year at the college, and that we will be well prepared for full-time ministry. Pray that we continue to fight sin in our lives, especially so that we will never be a stumbling block to others coming to know Jesus.