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Choosing a Programme

Deciding which programme to study involves several decisions relating to:

  1. Desired outcome
  2. Programme level
  3. Study load
  4. Finances

Desired outcome

Students undertake formal, theological study for a variety of reasons. PTC offers programmes suitable for people who:

  • want a deeper understanding
  • want to be a better elder, or
  • want to be a minister, missionary, church planter, chaplain, or
  • want to build on previous study, or
  • want to enhance current ministry, or
  • want to be a theological educator

Programme level

There are several levels of study:

  • Audit (for personal growth)
  • Short courses
  • Internal awards
  • Undergraduate awards
  • Graduate degrees
  • Postgraduate degrees (coursework)
  • Postgraduate degrees (research)

Audit, Short courses, Internal awards

Church members who want to enhance their involvement in their local congregations often find the evening ‘Short Courses’ helpful. These may be taken as part of the College Certificate (an internal award). 

This is a good ‘toe in the water’ option. You are also welcome to audit other subjects.

Undergraduate & Graduate awards

Those pursuing particular ministry roles will find a suitable programme amongst PTC’s range of undergraduate and graduate diplomas and degrees.

Postgraduate awards

Coursework postgraduate degrees build on prior theological learning and enhance vocational expertise.
Research degrees are typically for those aspiring to teach in theological colleges.

Australian College of Theology

Apart from the College Certificate and Diploma, awards are offered on behalf of the Australian College of Theology.

Study Load

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PTC’s operations are significantly subsidized by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. 

Still, the cost of theological education is a serious consideration, and there are avenues of assistance. 

More information is provided at: Fees and Financial Assistance