The PTC is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). We adhere to a number of policies and guidelines as set by the ACT, including:

All ACT policies can be found on their website at

+ Examinations

All examinations must be taken when scheduled. Exceptions to this rule may only be made in unforseen, exceptional circumstances upon prior request to the lecturer.
In this case, the rescheduled exam must still take place during the official exam period.


+ Grading System


0-49 - Fail
50-64 - Pass
65-74 - Credit
75-84 - Distinction
85+ - High Distinction

Each subject is assessed by multiple pieces of work due at various times in the semester. Failure to complete any one piece of work will seriously hinder a student’s chances of achieving a pass in that subject.


+ Assessments

The format for assessments is set down in the Australian College of Theology Manual. Unless required earlier by the lecturer, the deadline for submitting all assessments must be adhered to.

Late submissions will not be accepted. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the Extensions Officer in exceptional circumstances.
Complete the Application for Assignment Extension form, and email to or hand in at the College office during office hours.

All assessments must represent the student’s own work, thought and expression, except in matters of common knowledge or general opinion.
An essay writing seminar is offered during first semester.

See the PTC's Assessments Policy: Assessments Policy


+ Appeals

Students have the right to appeal against a mark awarded in an essay or examination. See the ACT Grievance Resolution polices for Domestic and Overseas Students.


+ Academic misconduct

PTC's Academic Misconduct Policy can be viewed here: Academic Misconduct Policy.

This follows the Policy of the ACT: ACT Academic Misconduct Policy.


+ Academic Freedom

PTC's Academic Freedom Policy can be viewed here: Academic Freedom Policy.


+ Fees

Fees are payable within four weeks of the issuing of the invoice. The schedule of fees is made available in the annual PTC Handbook.

FEE-HELP recrediting See the ACT FEE-HELP Re-crediting Policy.

PTC's Fees Policy can be viewed here: Fees Policy.