Swanton Library 2017 Report

The Swanton Library has completed another very busy year, with many students completing their studies.

Another 1,000 books have been added to the main collection, with our Chinese collection now outgrowing its current shelving.
Two new collections have begun, the Robert Swanton collection and Christian audio books.

The anniversary of the 500th year since the Reformation has seen a plethora of books being published, many were purchased and displayed by the library.

Heather Fiedler   Librarian

Heather Fiedler



Reformation 500

2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Martin Luther hammered his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church, unsuspecting of the revolution that was to take over the Christian world.

The Reformation began as one man’s fight for the right of scriptural truth, and resulted in a new church, a new Bible in the people’s own language, and great reforms in education and society in general.

Here in the Swanton Library, new biographies of Luther were displayed throughout the year, along with various new titles speaking on the Reformation and its continuing influences these five centuries later. Quotes from Luther and Calvin were also placed on display.


Reformation Day

To acknowledge Reformation Day on October 31st, the Swanton Library purchased a cake bearing on it Martin Luther’s emblem, a rose shape. Around the roses, three of the 5 Solas that emerged from the Reformation were decorated.

The cake was available for staff and students after morning chapel service, and was enjoyed by all!

Reformation cake!

Reformation cake!


End of Semester morning tea

The Swanton Library staff were very pleased to be able to host a morning tea for the students, particularly those graduating this year.

Chocolates were purchased to mark the occasion, and cake and biscuits were enjoyed by all. Scones and jam and cream were provided by Russell and Ruth Briggs; we were very grateful for their contribution.

The library staff acknowledged four years with the students using the library, and wished them God’s blessings for the years ahead.

End of Semester morning tea

End of Semester morning tea


Robert Swanton Collection

A new collection of books was begun in the library this year, the ‘Robert Swanton’ collection.
The collection consists of a number of books that he owned and also books that he authored.

The Robert Swanton collection is situated in the Audio Visual room. (These books are for Library use only.)


Christian Audio books

A small number of audio books have been purchased to begin the new collection.
They cover many topics such as Church History, Theology, Biography, Devotional and the Christian life.

It is hoped that these will be a source of teaching and encouragement to students and ministers.

Audio book collection on display

Audio book collection on display

Newly alphabetised Chinese collection

Newly alphabetised Chinese collection

Chinese Collection

The library has a number of different collections contained within the main collection. One of them is our Chinese Collection. This began some years ago with literally a handful of books, and has now grown to the point that all the current shelves have been filled!

The library is now in the process of moving and expanding the collection to incorporate more shelving space for further growth.

A Chinese reference section was begun last year, this is steadily expanding as well.
Thanks to Felix Chung for his support and advice in choosing books for the development of this important collection.

Thank yous


This past twelve months has seen three volunteers working in the library.

My thanks go to May for the weekly task of returning many books to their shelves, this is so helpful to the students.

Veronica works every Wednesday morning and at home, processing and covering all the books. Again, this is a much needed work.

Thirdly is Mary. She has only been able to work for part of this year, but her help has been much appreciated. She regularly collates all the Journals and places them on the shelves, and she also has completed the large work of correlating and packing up all our old cassettes.

Thank you everyone!


New information leaflets

Thank you to Hamish who did a great job of designing some new information leaflets for the library.

The leaflets contain all the essential in-formation for new students, in terms of borrowing, returning books and the library's databases.

The single-page leaflet contains the college yearly calendar of dates.

New information leaflets

New information leaflets


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