Interview with Joy Arundell

joy arundell bachelor of ministry alumni missionary india university

Joy has served in various missionary roles, starting in youth ministry here in Melbourne before completing a Ministry Internship in Fiji. She then served in India at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She now works with the Christian Union and AFES, and will soon be serving alongside her husband in parish ministry. 


What did you do before enrolling at the PTC?

Not much!  I came to PTC straight out of high-school.


Why did you choose to study ministry?

I chose to study at PTC because I was interested in studying the Bible in greater depth.  When I started, I wasn't planning or preparing for full-time ministry, but that all changed in my second year at College.  Some helpful older Christians encouraged me to consider serving God in full-time ministry and began helping me think through what ministries would be suitable for me. 


What have you done since leaving the PTC?

After graduating, I served as the Youth Worker at Canterbury Presbyterian Church for 5 years.  I enjoyed the opportunities to be involved in Bible teaching to teenagers, in some regional missions to Western Victoria, and in some overseas short-term missions.  

I worked over in India with the Presbyterian Theological Seminary for a year, teaching English and serving in a Church.  I enjoyed the opportunity to help new seminary students learn to read the Bible in English.

After returning home and marrying Nick, I've been working in student ministry on campus at Deakin University with AFES and the Christian Union.  I love the special opportunity that campus ministry brings - to engage with young Christian students and read the Bible regularly with them, and to meet many non-Christians and share the gospel with them.

I'm now preparing to serve alongside Nick in the church where God will send us once Nick graduates at the end of this year.


How did your time here equip and prepare you for mission and ministry?

I was encouraged in my own personal submission to the Word of God as our highest authority in life and ministry.  I appreciated the firm conviction that the PTC had and continues to have, of the truth and relevance of God's Word.  

My training here was helpful in preparation for mission and thinking about communicating God's Word in a different culture.  An invaluable part of my preparation was the time learning alongside other students, being pushed not only in study, but also in godliness and character. (While most of them were men, they showed genuine care towards me, and a keen interest in what I thought.) 


What would you say to other women and men considering missionary work?

So much of our world needs to hear the gospel and read God's Word.  Could you be someone who goes with the gospel to those who haven't heard it yet?  

Coming to study at the PTC will foster a deep dependence on the Word of God, to prepare you for those moments when you may be tempted to depend on your own work, or to feel that the Word of God is not enough.  It will humble you as you are challenged to see God's sovereign work in ruling the world.  It will equip and resource you to be able to share God's Word with those you meet around the world.