Interview with Bec Walz

Bec is married to Jesse Walz, a fourth year ministry candidate. She has three beautiful children, and is the leader of the College Ministry Wives group. 

bec walz ministry wives leader

What do you enjoy most about the PTC community?

I love that we can be united in Christ, and be an encouragement to one another to persevere in faith and serve God.


Tell us about your job.

My full-time role is to be a mother of my three children Kai, Ellie and Hannah, and be the helper to my husband Jesse. I believe the role of helper to my husband means being a fellow worker alongside him in the ministry. As part of this, I am a leader of the College Ministry Wives association here at the PTC.


How has being the wife of a candidate challenged or strengthened your faith?

No matter what stage of life, there are challenges. In this phase in particular, enabling my husband to have uninterrupted study time is certainly a challenge, especially as much of his work is at home. Finances and time management are challenging areas, so I need to trust that God will provide for us. 


What do you look forward to most in your future role as wife of a full-time minister?

I was actually praying for God to allow me to be a minister’s wife, two years before I met Jesse! I am grateful that God put the desire in my heart so early on, so the role wasn’t thrust upon me unexpectedly. I think it's wonderful that minister’s wives can love and encourage people full-time, so I really look forward to doing this for a congregation.


How can we pray for you?

Please pray for patience and endurance as we spend our final year at the college, and that we will be well prepared for full-time ministry. Pray that we continue to fight sin in our lives, especially so that we will never be a stumbling block to others coming to know Jesus.