Interview with Georgiana Runham

Georgiana is married to Nathan Runham, a final year candidate at the PTC. She has two lovely children whom she homeschools.

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What do you enjoy most about the PTC community?

We’re new to Melbourne, so it’s wonderful to have a community of like-minded Christian women. It’s great having events in the homes on campus, as I am familiar with how to drive here!


Tell us about your job.

I home-school my two children, which is certainly a full-time job! I usually try to get the schoolwork done in the morning so we can spend the afternoon on other things, however it’s great to have the flexibility to work around regular events like bible study and Mainly Music.


How has being the wife of a candidate challenged or strengthened your faith?

I have had to learn how to be intentional in allowing Nathan the time to study and focus on his ministry. Even though he is at home, I have to acknowledge that he is working and can’t always be available for other things.


What do you look forward to most in your future role as wife of a full-time minister?

Nathan is actually going to be a chaplain in the Air Force, so my situation isn’t the same as many other women, who know their husbands are going into parish ministry. My role will be less congregational, but more focused on helping Nathan in whatever his role is, which I am already doing now as I support his full-time study at the PTC.


How can we pray for you?

Please pray that I can be intentional in building new relationships, as we are still very new to Melbourne.