Interview with Robyn Holloway

Robyn is a student of the PTC who took our short course in Semester 1 2017, 'Christianity in the Public Square.'

robyn holloway ptc student short course christianity public sqaure

Hi Robyn! Why did you decide to take this course at the PTC?

The title really drew my attention, because I am interested in learning about Christianity in the

public square. I hoped to hear about public outreach, and understand the increasing

restrictions on evangelism today.


What’s the most memorable thing you’ve learned so far?

I have really been challenged to sharpen my thinking, and deeply consider issues. We have

been made by God for God, and this shapes how we should approach things like politics. He is

sovereign over all things!


Would you recommend PTC short courses to others?

Yes! I have really learned a lot and grown in my Christian walk. I’ve really enjoyed Darren’s

teaching, and I appreciate the way he makes the course personal, using examples from his own

family life.


Our interview with Robyn is featured in the Winter 2017 edition of our newsletter. Check out the full version online today!