Interview with Andrew Wong

andrew wong bachelor theology ministry reformed

Andrew was training to become an accountant when he felt God's call on his life to dedicate his time to theological study and the living out of his faith. After a period of prayer and reading of the Bible, Andrew is now studying a BTh/BMin here at the PTC!


What did you do prior to enrolling at the PTC?

Prior to studying at PTC, I was studying commerce at Melbourne university majoring in accounting and finance hoping to become an accountant in the future!


Why did you decide to study at PTC?

During my commerce degree, God made me realise how I was living life for my own pleasures rather than for His glory. I decided that I needed to live life in light of eternity and for me that was dropping out of my degree and waiting for God to open the door into ministry. While I waited, I spent months dedicated to reading scripture and Christian literature. In doing so, I was persuaded that the Reformed tradition provides the best explanation of biblical truth. I heard that PTC was a faithful college which not only taught sound theology but also encouraged and equipped Christians to live out their faith.


How do you hope to serve in the future after graduation?

I personally don't know what my future ministry looks like, all I know is that I will be making Christ's death and resurrection known wherever God calls me to.


How has PTC equipped you, both personally and in terms of future ministry?

The lecturers, support staff and fellow students have been helpful in providing wise counsel for my own spiritual growth as well as advice in ministry. Their experience has been an invaluable source of encouragement. It is a blessing to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same vision of making Christ known.


What would you say to people considering theological study?

Pray, pray and pray! Prepare your heart and mind for the hardest but most glorious and worthwhile calling! Get involved in your local church and read your bible until God opens the door.