Why choose PTC? | Bryce Wiegandt

Why study at the PTC? Bryce Wiegandt shares why he chose to study here, and where he hopes to go in the future.

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My name's Bryce, I'm a second-year at PTC, I'm studying at this college because I'm hoping to work as a Presbyterian minister in the future, and more specifically in the Royal Australian Airforce.

I've applied to be an undergraduate chaplain, and so the process for me is much the same as all of the guys here, but then if I do get in, I have to do two years at a particular church as an undergraduate. Then I go off to officer training school for seventeen weeks in Gippsland, and then off I go to a base somewhere in Australia.

I value the theology that our College teaches, it's Evangelical, it's Reformed, and that means a lot to me.

I like the College community we have, it's quite a good, fun sort of experience: small classes, and a good opportunity to make friends. I've been to other colleges where you're almost a number because there's so many students, so the small size is quite appealing to me as well.