What's so special about the PTC? | Samuel Christian

Samuel Christian is a Presbyterian candidate for the ministry in his second year at the PTC. Hear why he chose to study with us! 

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My name is Samuel, I joined the PTC in 2016 as a full-time student to become a candidate to become a Presbyterian minister. I am a candidate here, this is my second year, and I'm really enjoying it!

PTC, we are a small community, it's a family environment - we know everyone, we know everyone's family, and the children as well.

It's the college which equips people to become a minister, to bring God's word, preaching boldly and correctly to the community.

The most beautiful thing about PTC is that we do not want to deviate ourselves from the word of God. And that's the thing which I like most, and that's what I'm here for.

I could have gone to different colleges as well, but when I spoke to one of my mentors, he suggested that he had gone through this college as well, and he recommended it to me. When I came here, after spending a couple of years, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a minister, especially equipping you with the word of God, and go and proclaim it!

This is the place to be, it's small, but it's a family oriented place. You might not find it, you know, very much like any other university, but it's a small community here. And that's why I like it most here.

I'm hoping to finish my studies in 2019, basically I want to go and preach the word.