Exit Student Profile: Nick Arundell


I grew up in Geelong, attended Geelong High School, then went to Deakin University to study primary-school teaching. By God's grace I became a Christian when I was 19 years of age. 

Ever since God brought me to life, I have belonged to Him. Soon after my conversion I realised that my life no longer belonged to me but to the One who loved me and gave Himself for me. 

So, thoughts about ministry began quite soon after I converted. It wasn't so much 'Will I serve in full-time ministry?', but rather 'How does God want me to serve?'

Every person whom God saves he also enlists, so we are all a part of God's mission. However, God made it clear that I should enter full-time paid ministry, so here I am. 

Joy grew up in Adelaide and has lived in Melbourne for 11 years. She studied at the Presbyterian Theological College and has enjoyed serving in different ministry opportunities in the Presbyterian Church, both here and overseas. Most recently, she worked with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) at Deakin University's Burwood campus before having our first child, Annabelle.

After graduating, I taught grades three and four at Lara Lake Primary School for two years. After that, I returned to Deakin University to do a ministry apprenticeship with AFES. After that, it was time to do some more study, so I moved to Box Hill to enrol at the PTC.

Learning the original biblical languages has been one of the most helpful things I've learned there. Being able to write sermons directly from Greek and Hebrew sources in invaluable. 

Another benefit of studying at the PTC is getting to know the men and women with whom I will be serving in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. In years to come we will be able to help and encourage one another as we draw on the friendships we formed at college.

From my ministry experience, the biggest thing I've learnt is that it is God who builds the church. He is sovereign over everything, and anything good that happens is His doing, and it is He who deserves the glory.

In my limited ministry experience I've learnt that, apart from God, I can do nothing. 'Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain' (Psalms 127:1). This, of course, highlights the necessity of prayer. It is God's job to build the house, while mine is to be faithful and to seek to be fruitful.

I am excited to be starting at Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Hawthorn East (also known as Auburn) this year. So far, the people there have been incredible. Their thoughtfulness and generosity have been extraordinary. We are keen to begin ministry at Chalmers, and look forward to getting to know the people better. 

As I begin, I admit I have mixed feelings. After six years of study, training and practice, I feel confident about some aspects of ministry. However, I often wonder, with the Apostle Paul, 'Who is sufficient for these things?' The unknown challenges that lie ahead are sometimes scary, but it is always comforting to remember that Jesus is on the throne and not me. Please pray for me! 

At Chalmers we inaugurated a 5pm evening service earlier this year. It would be great it people who are free on Sunday evenings could drop in and worship with us. It would be an encouragement to us, and it will be you to know how you can pray for us. 


Nick Arundell was exited to Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Hawthorn East. He will be ordained on the 17th August in the evening. 

This article was first published in the Fellow Workers Magazine Winter 2018 Edition.

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