Photographic / Media Consent Form

- I hereby consent to the collection and use of my personal images by photography or video recording. - I understand that lectures I attend may be recorded, which will be made available to enrolled students in a password protected environment. - I acknowledge these, along with my name, may be used on any PTC electronic or written communications, such as our website, social media or newsletter. - I also understand that my consent can be withdrawn at anytime in writing to the Administration Office at the Presbyterian Theological College.
Name *
I hereby consent to the use of my photographs or video footage for the use of the Presbyterian Theological College’s: *
I consent to the use of my photographs or video footage being used to promote future College events by the Administration Office, even if I am no longer studying or associated with the College.
I understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at any time, upon written notice.
I give this consent voluntarily.
Privacy Collection Notice
Personal and sensitive information provided by you and collected by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria will be used in conformity with our Privacy Policy (which can be found at and or mailed to you on request). This information is collected for the primary purpose of the Presbyterian Theological College and may be used for any activities conducted or promoted by the Presbyterian Theological College. If you do not want your information to be used by us please do not provide it to us.