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Christian Political Ideas | Short Course

Why Study Christian Political Ideas?

christian political ideas

In our rapidly changing culture, where Christians and the Church are becoming progressively more marginalised, we need to wrestle with the big questions about what it means to be faithful citizens of both the heavenly city and the earthly city. 

This course aims to offer ministers and lay-people a beginner's guide to the best in Christian reflection on politics. We will explore questions like: how should we understand our role in a hostile culture? What is the proper relationship between the church and state? Is there such thing as a 'Christian society'? What does the Bible say about politics? How does theology inform our thinking about political matters?

We will cover political ideas from across history, including the classical period, the patristic period, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and the modern era. In doing so, we will aim to find important ideas in history from which we can both understand the past and critically reflect on our own political ideas and action.

This course will be a great accompaniment for those who attended 'Christianity in the Public Square' in 2017.  

Session Dates & Topics

Wednesday evenings, 7 - 9pm

  • 2nd May - The Bible & the Greeks: Moses, Paul, Plato & Aristotle 
  • 9th May - The City of God & the City of Man: The Early Church & St Augustine 
  • 16th May - Empires, Popes & Kings: Aquinas, Wycliffe & Medieval Ideas
  • 23rd May - The Reformation of Politics: Lutherans, Calvinists & Anabaptists
  • 30th May - Anglicans vs Presbyterians? Church & State in 17th century England and beyond
  • 6th June - Catholics, Kuyperians & Secularists: Modern challenges & responses

Enrolment & fees


Credit: $220 - Involves attendance of all lectures, and completion of assessments for credit towards the CertTh or ASTC.

Audit: $110 - Includes attendance of all lectures, no assessment required

About Simon

Simon is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, where he is focusing on early modern intellectual history. He has taught church history, public theology, Christian worldview, and political thought at various institutions. He is married to Hayley, has four young children, and attends North Geelong Presbyterian Church.

simon p kennedy politics history lecturer phd candidate

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