Honours - Bachelor of Theology (BTh) & Bachelor of Ministry (BMin)

Our honours programe is available to students who have completed a BTh or BMin.

The course consists of one additional year of full-time study, including coursework culminating in the authoring of a 16,000 word thesis.

The BTh(hons) and BMin(hons) are courses of the Australian College of Theology.

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  • GPA of at least 2.0, including 2.0 in the designated field of study to be pursued in the Honours program
  • BTh: 8 cps in either Biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek, and at least 8 cps of biblical language exegesis
  • BMin: 4cps of Biblical languages


Available to international students?



Time required

1 year full-time


ACT course listing

BTh (Hons)

BMin (Hons)

Course requirements

36 credit points at the 700 level


  • Research Methods (6 cps)
  • 18cps of 6cp units including at least 12cps in the student’s designated field of research


  • Thesis of 16,000 words (12 cps)