Equipped with the knowledge of God through reformed evangelical teaching, our students are prepared to preach and teach the gospel in Melbourne and beyond.


Statement of Belief

We are an Evangelical and Reformed college which teaches in accordance with the standards of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. The Supreme Standard is the Word of God which comprises the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. In addition, the Subordinate Standard of the Church is the Westminster Confession of Faith read in the light of the Declaratory Statement of 1901.


Mission Statement

We aim to provide the highest quality biblical and theological education, with the primary purpose of producing pastors and teachers for local churches, along with missionaries, evangelists, youth workers, chaplains and other church leaders and pastoral helpers.


Core Values

  • All true theology comes from God, is about God and leads to God.
  • Since the Bible is the inspired Word of God all our teaching and study is grounded in it as our primary authority.
  • The whole Christian tradition provides a rich resource for biblical and theological teaching but especially the Evangelical and Reformed heritage of doctrine and spirituality.
  • Biblical and theological study is done in the service of the people of God and of the world and so will be person-centred, pastorally sensitive, evangelistically orientated and practically workable.
  • The foundation and motivation of all we are and teach and practise is the Gospel of God’s sovereign grace, embodied and secured for us in Jesus Christ alone.
  • Personal piety is essential for Christian faith and service, and indispensable for the best kind of Christian scholarship and learning.
  • Christ’s commission that we disciple the nations of the world makes it imperative that we teach and learn in a global context and with cross-cultural awareness.
  • Excellence in study and teaching is our motivational goal, measured to the gifts and aptitudes of each individual.