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God’s plan to save the world through Christ depends on the church training a succession of preachers in every generation. Why so? Well, because the only instrument with the power to bring new life and hope to people is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the word of God spoken to us that is the most powerful force in the universe. The psalmist says it was through the word of God that the world came into existence: “He spoke and it came to be” (Psalm 33:9).

Further, the prophet Ezekiel says that the same word conveys both physical and spiritual life. As he preaches to the valley of dry bones he says, “Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord…I will make breath enter you and you will come to life. So…they came to life and stood on their feet – a vast army” (37:4, 5, 10).

In the New Testament Paul reminds the church in Rome that “the Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” (1:16) And the apostle Peter tells us that we experience the new birth through the living word of God (1:23).

Since God’s word is the one power that upholds and renews all things, it is essential that we train people who not only understand it, but can also explain and teach it to others. This is why a theological education that focuses on the study of the Bible and equips students to preach it is the most critical task facing the church today.

Preparing for Christian ministry is rigorous and demanding. It requires people who are unafraid of a challenge. However, if you start with us, you will be trained to go into all the world with this life-giving word.

Peter Hastie