PTC Logos Bible Software

Value-adding to your PTC education 
and resourcing you for ministry thereafter

PTC offers its students a specially curated package of Logos Bible Software. This is available to you if you are an ACT degree student entering first year studies with PTC as your home college, whether you are studying full or part time.*

PTC Logos includes Greek and Hebrew texts and tools, some key textbooks set for PTC units, popular and academic commentaries, and a significant range of historical and theological resources. Some highlights of the package are below.

Three PTC Logos Offer options



You can use the PTC Logos licence at no cost to you for up to three years (subject to licence availability), providing your studies are at PTC, you enrol in at least one unit each semester, and you intend on completing your degree. The package licence remains the property of PTC. Please don’t accept the offer just to trial Logos—try ‘Logos Basic’ instead.



As well as being able to use Logos for free (option 1), you can come to keep your assigned PTC Logos licence at no cost to you when you have completed a three year degree at PTC (BTh, BMin, MDiv; meaning 288 ACT credit points taken at PTC; applicable whether studying full-time or part-time).



What if you don’t complete 288 credit points of study? You can buy out the PTC Logos licence with the price reduced according to the ACT credit points you have completed at PTC. PTC Logos even at full price is cheaper than purchasing the same resources directly with Logos (even with the Academic Discount), and the purchase price is reduced by every 12cps completed.

* Terms and conditions apply. Full details are available to prospective and current students.

Current PTC students can view the offer document – log in with your PTC email account:

Package highlights

Some highlights of the PTC Logos package are as follows.

  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with morphology and critical apparatus
  • Greek New Testament (UBS5) with morphology and critical apparatus
  • Byzantine/Majority Greek test
  • Hebrew Lexicon of the Old Testament (BDB)
  • Greek Lexicon, Louw and Nida
  • English Standard Version
  • New King James Version
  • The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament, Eugene Merrill (current OT textbook at PTC)
  • Biblical Theology, Geerhardus Vos (current OT textbook at PTC)
  • A Biblical-Theological Intro to the New Testament, Michael Kruger (current NT textbook at PTC)
  • The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament, Andreas J. Kostenberger (current NT textbook at PTC)
  • Focus on the Bible Commentaries (41 volumes), Christian Focus (some of which are recommended commentaries for PTC units)
  • Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentaries
  • Apollos Commentaries (some of which are recommended commentaries for PTC units)
  • Pillar Commentaries (some of which are recommended commentaries for PTC units)
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary
  • Calvin’s Commentaries
  • New Bible Commentary
  • The Epistle to the Romans (New International Commentary), John Murray (recommended commentary for the Romans unit at PTC)
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • The History of Christian Doctrines, Louis Berkhof
  • History of the Christian Church (8 vols), Philip Schaff
  • Complete Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers (37 vols)
  • Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas (English and Latin)
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion (1559, Battles translation), John Calvin (required for Reformation history at PTC)
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536 edition), John Calvin
  • Theological Treatises, John Calvin
  • Tracts Relating to the Reformation (3 vols), John Calvin
  • The Works of Zwingli
  • A Body of Divinity, James Ussher
  • Contours of Christian Theology (9 volumes)  (recommended theology texts at PTC)
  • Reformed Dogmatics (5 vols), Geerhardus Vos (recommended theology textbook at PTC)
  • Systematic Theology, Louis Berkhof
  • Concise Theology, J. I. Packer
  • Salvation Belongs to the Lord, John Frame
  • Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, Paul David Tripp
  • Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love, Edward T. Welch
  • The Journal of Pastoral Practice/Biblical Counseling (counselling texts at PTC)




What if I want to add my own Logos resources to PTC Logos?

That’s fine. Actually, we use your personal Logos account for the PTC resources, so whatever resources were already yours or that you add remain yours. We can add the PTC package and remove it again if you don’t keep the PTC licence.


I already own Logos.
Can I still use PTC Logos?

Absolutely. PTC Logos resources are added to your own licence. The PTC Logos resources can be removed from your licence at a later stage if you don’t end up keeping PTC Logos.


Can PTC help me purchase more Logos resources?

Absolutely. You can sign up for the 30% Logos Academic Discount for resources that you wish to purchase yourself. Use your PTC student ID card to register at


Can PTC help me even more with purchasing more Logos resources?

Absolutely—depending on how well you do in your studies! PTC has an extensive program of prizes for academic attainment and contribution to College life. Prizes are awarded at the March graduation service and can optionally be taken as reimbursement of your Logos purchases, often up to the value of AU$500 per prize.

Free trial

If you are not sure if Logos is for you, you can try a free version. Request PTC Logos only if you are sure you will use it.

Program training

Help is available in the program itself, and the Logos website has many help options, including numerous instruction videos.


To apply for your PTC Logos package, please follow these steps carefully. Please submit your application by the due dates, as only two applications are made to Logos per year and late requests cannot be processed. Due dates:

  • by the end of February for a first semester application

  • by the end of July for a second semester application.


Select your personal email address that you will use with Logos (or already have linked to your existing Logos account). Do not use your PTC email address.


Create a Logos account if you do not already have one. To set up an account, install the free edition of the software.


Double check that you have an active Logos account and are using a personal email address. An error here can result in your application being rejected.


Complete the application form. Sign in with your PTC email to access the form, and later enter your personal email address for your Logos account when the form asks for it.

When the PTC package is approved, your existing Logos installation will automatically upgrade itself.

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