All units taught at PTC are listed below, other than certificate level units (which are listed at ptc.edu.au/certificate). Go to the ACT website for ACT unit descriptions.

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For currently offered units, go to the current semester’s timetable. To see the likely schedule of units for the next several semesters and to search by delivery mode and unit level, go to the units schedule page.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need for your course progression, please speak to the Academic Dean. We can usually make arrangements to meet your particular requirements.

Biblical Languages (LA)

Old Testament (OT)

New Testament (NT)

Christianity in History (CH)

Evangelism & Missiology (EM)

Pastoral & Church-Focused Ministry (PC)

Biblical counselling (PC)

Single Unit Study

Any of the units listed above can also be taken as a single unit study.

For more information on single unit study enrolment: ACT Coursework Course Enrolment Policy

Internal Units

Internal units are units of PTC, not the ACT. They cannot be taken for credit into an ACT course. Please go to the internal units page. Available units:

  • Study Skills & English Grammar

  • Philosophy

  • Apologetics

  • Ethics

  • Presbyterian History

  • Presbyterian Polity

  • Biblical Theology

  • Reformed Worship

  • 創世記導論 (Introduction to Genesis)

  • Supervised Learning Experience

Training for the Kingdom of Heaven


For new enrolments (Ts & Cs apply)