Semester enrolment


If you want to APPLY to be a student at PTC, please go to the ‘Apply’ or ‘Courses’ pages. If you want to ENROL in units, see ‘Unit enrolment’ below. You may submit your application and enrolment forms together.


If you have just been admitted as a PTC student and are about to enrol in units for the first time, please make sure that you also submit the I.T. use form and the Code of Conduct (Child Protection) forms, if you have not already done so.

Unit enrolment


Check your course requirements against your current course progression. This is easily done by using the ACT Course Planner. You are strongly advised to use the Planner.


Consult the relevant timetable to know what units will be offered in the semester ahead. The handbook also gives a good idea of the yearly cycle of units, which can help you map out your course.


Arrange a meeting with the Academic Dean every semester prior to enrolling. Meetings can be in-person at College, in Teams, or by phone if the first two options are not possible.


Submit the relevant enrolment form to the registrar. Note that the forms are electronically fillable. You should not need to print them out or take screen shots to submit them. Forms are preferably emailed, but hard copy submission is acceptable if you prefer.

Enrolment variation

If you change your mind about your enrolment after you have submitted the enrolment form, please submit the variation of enrolment form to the registrar after discussion with the Academic Dean. There can be academic and financial repercussions if variations are not made by various due dates – see the enrolment form for more information.

HDR enrolment

All HDR students (MTh, ThD, PhD) are required to arrange a meeting with the Post Graduate Dean every semester prior to enrolling.


ACT Course Progress Policy

Outlines progression expectations and intervention strategies.


Provides information on admission requirements, single unit study, and cross-institutional enrolment.

Training for the Kingdom of Heaven


For new enrolments (Ts & Cs apply)