Lives changed…ministries formed

Matt Cole


I am a born and bred Aussie and have been a follower of Jesus since 1993. I became convinced that the Lord was calling me to be a minister of the gospel and so I wanted to attend a college that would adequately equip me for the task. After looking around at various colleges in Australia and overseas I eventually chose PTC. I have not been disappointed!

Here at PTC we are taught that the Scriptures are the Word of God and that we can trust them fully. We are taught that they are the only authority for faith and life and we are trained to interpret and communicate them with accuracy and effectiveness. Our lecturers are friendly, devoted to Christ and they passionately uphold sound doctrine. That means that day in day out in our lectures we are not only taught the truth but encouraged to receive it into our hearts and put it into practice in our lives.

As a student training for the ministry I also have many practical subjects as part of my course. In these we are encouraged to genuinely love people, to be passionate about seeing the lost come to Christ and to be wise and faithful in pastoring God’s people; all with a focus on carrying out ministry according to the commands of the Lord in his Word.

I am very grateful to God that we have a college like this one in Victoria. I am grateful for the gifted lecturers, the clear, sound teaching and for the opportunities I have here to grow in knowledge and love for the Lord. I would heartily recommend PTC to anyone looking for a quality place to study theology.

Vivien Jin


Studying at the PTC has fully satisfied my spiritual need for theology. I want to absorb every minute from the lectures and read every single work in textbooks and extra references.

My perspective of college study has changed – the PTC is not training us to be academics or book worms, but to be Christians who love God and are able to share the Gospel message with others.

I have realised that we are here to get ready for Jesus' Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20). In humility, we depend on God to reveal Himself and the knowledge of Him to us rather than we achieve the understandings by our own intellectual ability. So, I study very hard, not to get the best mark for my assignments and exams, anymore. But rather, I do the things that God calls me to do wholeheartedly, with full strength and at all cost (1 Corinthians 9:24). In a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize. So, I now run in such a way so as to get the prize.

Jacqui Spanos

AssocDegMin, DipTh

It has not only been a great blessing to study at PTC but it has also been a time of spiritual growth and tremendous joy. As a mum with studied interrupted also by several overseas trips, I have taken 10 years or so to get through my degrees. All of this has been God’s gracious provision.

I would encourage anyone, particularly women who have a desire for study God's Word, to prayerfully consider studying at the PTC. I have seen much positive growth at the College over the last 10 years and the greatest joy has been seeing the clear handiwork of God nurturing and equipping his people through the solid study of his Word and in the community at the PTC. It is for me a place of unique refuge and of encouragement, too. Oh, and if you want to escape the kids for a while...there's always the amazing library to hide away in!

Steven Kilner


Studying full time at PTC has been a life changing experience, and I am deeply thankful to the Lord for directing me here.

PTC has deeply enriched my soul through the college community. The biblically grounded lectures have further strengthened my faith, and thoroughly equipped me for ministry. The heartfelt singing and faithful exegetical sermons were a great source of spiritual nourishment in PTC’s chapel services.

Because I spent 15 years in the workforce before joining PTC, there were many academic deficiencies. However, after undertaking several intensives addressing English grammar and essay writing my aptitude in this area has been greatly enhanced.

The college has also impressed me with its missions focus, emphasis on pastoral care and the integration of family into college life. In particular, the monthly women’s meetings, which provide fellowship, support and training, has been an encouragement to my wife. Moreover, the weekly prayer cell groups and various social activities, all facilitate a vibrant atmosphere and a kindred spirit among faculty and students.

Thus, from my own personal experience, I heartily recommend PTC to any aspiring Pastor or follower of Jesus, who desires to be Biblically instructed, equipped for ministry and spiritually matured.

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