Dr Murray Adamthwaite



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Gilgamesh and the biblical Flood—part 2

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Gilgamesh and the biblical Flood—part 1

Creation, Volume 28 Issue 3 (August 2014): 83-88

Rev Dr Tony Bird


Practice Makes Perfect, the Book of James Simply Explained

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The Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles - Quantifying Literary Style

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Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

70+ Articles, incl: Miracles, Antipas, Archelaus, Ascension, Herod


A few definition articles, incl miracles, on page xxiv.

Rev Dr Felix Chung


Chinese Theological Education in Australia

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Missions, Multiculturalism and Hermeneutics

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Multiculturalism and Education

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Rev Dr Allan Harman


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Preparation for Ministry

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Joseph Addison Alexander of Princeton

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Deuteronomy 13-34

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Writing a Journal Article

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Deuteronomy 1-12

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The Ten Commandments and Redemptive History

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Learning about the Old Testament

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Rev Dr Jared Hood



Federalist brothers: the shared covenantal substructure of Whitefield and Wesley’s theology

'Wesley and Whitefield'Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2017


The Decalogue of Genesis 1-3

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I Appeared as El Shaddai: Intertextual Interplay in Exodus 6:3

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The Ninth Commandment

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Rev Dr Douglas Milne


Women in Ministry Partnership

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General Assembly Rally Address, 1992


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GenEsis 3 in the Letter to the Romans

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Learning the Faith with the Scots Confession

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Rev Martin Pakula


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Rev Dr Rowland Ward



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New Melbourne Press, 2019 (246pp)

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A short introduction to the Westminster Assembly

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Understanding Islam

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The Complete Book Of Psalms for Singing with Study Notes

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Baptism in Scripture and History

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The Bush Still Burns: The Presbyterian and Reformed Faith in Australia 1788 - 1988

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Dr Noel Weeks


Savages and ancestors

Creation, Volume 21 Issue 3, (June 1999): 16-17


Darwin and the search for an evolutionary mechanism


Journal of Creation, Volume 12 Issue 3, (December 1998): 305-311


Gateway to the Old Testament

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The Sufficiency of Scripture

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The Christian School

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After evolution what?

Creation, Volume 6 Issue 1, (July 1983): 40-41


After evolution what?

Creation, Volume 6 Issue 1, (July 1983): 40-41


The fall into sin

Creation, Volume 4 Issue 3, (October 1981): 35-39


The Hermeneutical Problem of Genesis 1-11

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