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Penalties apply for submissions not made by the specified due dates. See the Late Penalties and Extensions Policy.

Extensions may be granted in limited circumstances. Complete the extension application form and email it to or hand it in at the College office during office hours.

Please do not ask your lecturer for an extension, as this is the responsibility of the Extensions Officer (the registrar). However, do ensure that your lecturer knows if you have received an extension.

Exams can be rescheduled in limited circumstances. A rescheduled exam ordinarily still takes place during the exam period.

It is possible to fail an assessment item and still pass a unit. However, failure to submit an assessment item at all will result in an automatic fail for that unit.


Some lecturers may require submissions with the title page below. However, most units have essay templates provided in PTConline and already include a cover page.

The format for assessments is set down in the Australian College of Theology Manual. An essay writing seminar is offered during first semester and its resources are available to all students in PTConline.

The style guide for the Reformed Theological Review may be helpful: RTR style guide. RTR also has an Endnote style which students can adapt to requirements. It is available on the Endnote page page and installable from there, or can be downloaded and installed manually: RTR Endnote style


All assessments must represent the student’s own work, thought, and expression, except in matters of common knowledge and general opinion. AI (ChatGPT, Grammarly Go, etc) and the work of others may be drawn on only if explicit acknowledgement is made. Plagiarism is significant academic misconduct and will be treated in accordance with the ACT policy Academic Integrity Policy for Coursework Awards.


Assessment feedback can usually be found in PTConline.

Official results will be in Paradigm, the student management system of the ACT.

The ACT Paradigm guide may help: Paradigm access – view your enrolment and results online.

Grading system

PTC uses the following grading system:

0-49% – Fail
58-64% – Pass+
85+%High Distinction


Students have the right to appeal against a mark awarded in an essay or examination.

Before formally appealing, first speak either to the lecturer concerned or to the Academic Dean.

See the ACT Grievance Resolution Policy – Students.

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