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Prayer Mornings

Special prayer mornings are held each semester and are open to all students, wives and husbands. These times help to reinforce the place of prayer in the life of the College. Prayer also help to bind staff members and students together in shared devotions. Sometimes an outside speaker is invited to lead these prayer mornings.   

Former students, missionaries and current College needs are given priority in prayers.

Chapel Services

Daily Chapel services consist of a Bible reading, a prayer and a hymn, and are a reminder and a call to worship in the midst of College life. 

This is a corporate activity which staff and students participate in turn throughout year. All students are expected to attend these services as an expression of their faith and commitment to the God of the Scriptures. The spirit of praise expressed at chapel times is intended to flow out into the rest of the day and its activities.

Extended chapel times include the preaching of God’s Word by faculty members, or outside speakers. A range of Christian ministries and organisations may be invited to share. These visits are beneficial for students as contact-points for future ministry possibilities and opportunities for a greater diversity of church-based activities and outreach. 


All students are rostered for kitchen and library duties throughout the year. These duties involve helping in practical ways that are listed with rosters on the noticeboard in the kitchen. 

In this way students learn to serve the common good by facilitating the smooth running of College in two of its most important centres of student life.

Care Groups

PTC provides care groups in order to nurture the spiritual lives of our students. These groups provide spiritual guidance and mentoring through prayer, Bible study, fellowship and small group interaction. 

All full time students (those who take 3 subjects or above) are expected to join in a care group led by one faculty member. Part-time students are also welcome. 

Students will be assigned to a group at the beginning of each semester. Each session will be approximately one to one-and-a half hours duration and will meet on weeks 2, 6 and 10 of semester.

Dress Code

PTC students are expected to dress and present themselves cleanly, neatly and in good taste. 

This includes wearing appropriate footwear at all times (no thongs or bare feet).