Allan Harman’s new book now available!

Our adjunct lecturer Allan Harman has a new book coming out in August this year, .Exodus: God's Kingdom of Priests.'


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Our much-loved former lecturer Allan Harman has a new book coming out this month, “Exodus: God’s Kingdom of Priests.”

Allan is the former Principal of the PTC, and has had a long career in studying, teaching and preaching on the Old Testament.

His latest publication explores the first redemption of God’s people from himself. From an enslaved and supposedly forsaken beginning, God brings his people out of Egypt and establishes them as a chosen and holy nation: His kingdom of priests.

Allan Harman explores the rich text of Exodus, expounding upon every stage which points towards the coming Messiah in the New Testament.

Exodus is the story of the first redemption of God’s people for Himself. Starting with a people enslaved and oppressed, seemingly forgotten by their God, it culminates with the Tabernacle. God had chosen His people, setting them apart from the other nations: His kingdom of priests. Exodus forms the sub-structure of the Old Testament – and points at every stage to the coming Messiah of the New Testament.

“Exodus: God’s Kingdom of Priests” is available now from Christian Focus Publications, or can be pre-ordered on Amazon for October delivery.

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