PTC does not offer specific courses to those wishing to become chaplains, however training pathways within existing degree structures are possible with the following specialised units:

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (PC436/636)
  • Chaplaincy in Educational Settings (DM414/614)


Students wishing to become chaplains should ensure they undertake the following units within their degree:

  • 2 Biblical units
  • 2 Theology units
  • 1 Evangelism unit (EM324/524)
  • 1 Pastoral Care unit (preferably two: PC402/602 and PC403/603)

Chaplaincy is a growing field of ministry, with positions available to men and women in a variety of areas...



Healthcare chaplains work in hospital and hospice environments, providing spiritual support to those facing illness or bereavement. 

Two units of Clinical Pastoral Education are usually taken through an external provider, the Association for Supervised and Clinical Pastoral Education in Victoria (ASACPEV). 

Spiritual Health Victoria is the primary association working with the Victorian Government to regulate healthcare chaplaincy.

Schools, universities and colleges

Chaplains in educational settings provide support and counselling to students at the primary, secondary and tertiary level. 

The two units of study required are offered at the PTC, however ACCESS Ministries may have further training requirements which change from time to time.

Disaster relief

Disaster relief chaplains have the opportunity to comfort and counsel those suffering in emergency situations. The search for meaning in times of crisis is often more acute, and chaplains provide answers and support. 

Victorian Council of Churches Emergency Ministry


Sports chaplains work with clubs to provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance to both athletes, coaches and other staff. 

Victorian Sports Chaplaincy


Those wishing become police chaplains should contact the Academic Dean to discuss, and be put in contact with Presbyterian Ministers who currently work in the field. 

Considerable parish experience (at least three years) is required.

Defense Force

Those wishing to become chaplains with the Defense Force should seek the advice of the Defense Force Chaplaincy Committee

Considerable parish experience (at least three years) is required.