Donations to the College are always welcome and needed! One-off or periodic donations can be made. 

While general donations are allocated to the areas of greatest need at the College's discretion, you can specify a particular purpose if desired;

  • Library Building Appeal (tax-deductible and non tax-deductible options): Your donation will go towards the construction of our planned new library, which will better accommodate our growing student body and theological collection.
  • Building Fund (tax-deductible): Your donation will go towards the general maintenance and running of the College buildings and property.
  • Library Fund (tax-deductible): Your donation will go towards the work and running costs of the Library.
  • Scholarship Fund: Your donation will go towards the tuition fees for Ministry Candidates.

Donate via credit card:


Donate via Paypal: 

Donate via direct deposit:

If you wish to give via direct deposit, please contact the College office for details.