Internal units

Internal units are units of PTC, not the ACT. They cannot be taken for credit in an ACT course.

Study Skills & English Grammar

Summer intensive, 4 days (Grammar 12 hours, Skills 11 hours), offered annually

(This subject is compulsory for all first year full time students.)

Lecturers: Ben Nelson

Outcomes: This subject provides a firm foundation in the skills required for tertiary level academic study, including grammar, essay writing, and research. Students will also find this subject assists with preparing them for Hebrew and Greek studies.

Fees: There is no charge to PTC students for this unit.


Summer intensive, 2 days (8 hours), even numbered years

2 cps

Lecturer: Douglas Milne

Overvew: This subject will familiarise students with the sweep of Western thought and culture, as influenced by its philosophers.

Method: Class lectures, and notes with discussion.


  • Tarnas, Richard, The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View (New York: Ballantine, 1993)

  • DeWeese, Garrett J. and Moreland, J.P., PhilosopHy Made Slightly Less Difficult: A beginner’s Guide to Life’s Big QuesTions (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2005).


Summer intensive, 2 days (6 hours), odd numbered years

2 cps

Lecturer: Peter Hastie

Outcomes: This subject will give students a working acquaintance with apologetics in the Bible, and its application to contemporary issues in apologetics.

Method: Class instruction and discussion.

Assessment: Written exam (1 hour)


  • Craig, William L., Reasonable Faith (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2008).

  • Groothuis, Douglas, Christian Apologetics (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2011,)

  • Boa, Kenneth D., Faith Has Its Reasons (Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, 2005)


Summer intensive, 5 days (20 hours), even numbered years

4 cps

Lecturer: Douglas Milne

Outcomes: This subject will make students aware of the whole field of ethics, and learn some tools for resolving ethical issues.

Method: Class lectures and notes with discussion


  • Cameron, Andrew, Joined-Up Life: A Christian Account of How Ethics Works (Nottingham, UK: IVP, 2011)

  • Feinberg, John S. and Feinburg, Paul D., Ethics for a Brave New World (2nd ed.; Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2002).

  • Best, Megan, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life (Sydney, AU: Matthias Media, 2012)

Presbyterian History

Summer intensive, 5 days (20 hours), odd numbered years

2 cps

Lecturer: Jared Hood


  • Scottish roots: the Scottish Reformation; the Covenanters; awakening and secessions; missions and the Disruption; unions and the rise of biblical criticism.

  • Australian planting: John Dunmore Lang and James Forbes; divisions and State unions; temperance; theological halls; missions; and Charles Strong.

  • Australian growth: federalism; Samuel Angus; the division of 1977; and recent challenges.

Pre-course assignment: please contact the lecturer

Textbook: Harman, Allan, and Harman, Mairi, Australian Presbyterian History with its Scottish and Irish Background (Melbourne, AU: PTC, 2003).

Presbyterian Polity

Summer Intensive, 5 days (15 hours), odd numbered years

4 cps

Lecturer: John Wilson

Overview: This subject provides an overview of the biblical foundations for Presbyterian polity, its historical development, and the present polity as practised in the church.
An essential component of this course is attendance at session, presbytery and the General Assembly of Victoria.


  • General Assembly of the PCV, Code Book of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (current version)

  • General Assembly of Australia, Constitution, Procedure and Practice ( 2013)

  • Bradshaw, F. Maxwell, Basic Documents on Presbyterian Polity (PCA Christian Education Committee: 1984)

  • Reed, Kevin, Biblical Church Government (Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1983)

Biblical Theology

Summer intensive, 1 day (6 hours), annually

(The subject is compulsory for all first year full time students.)

Lecturer: Peter Hastie

Overview This subject introduces first-year students to the study of biblical teaching by reviewing the major stages of the whole biblical narrative.

Method: Class instruction and discussion.

Assessment: Written exam


  • Levy, S., Bible Overview (Fearn, UK: Christian Focus, 2008).

  • Kaiser, W., The Promise-Plan of God (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2011).

  • Golding, P. Covenant Theology: The Key of Theology in Reformed Thought (Ross-shire, UK: Christian Focus, 2004).

  • Brown, Michael G. and Keele, Zach, Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explores (Grandville, MI: Reformed Fellowship, 2012)

Fees: There is no charge to PTC students for this unit.

Reformed Worship

Summer intensive, 3 days (17 hours), even numbered years

4 cps

Lecturer: Peter Hastie

Outcomes: This subject focuses on particular aspects of the theology and practice of worship in Scripture and in the Reformed tradition, and teaches candidates for the ministry how to contruct and lead a Presbyterian worship service.
Content covered includes: worship in the Old and New Testament; the theology of worship; construction of a worship service and contemporary issues.

Method: Classroom instruction and discussion.

Assessment: Written exam (two hours)


  • Chappell, Bryan, Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker 2009)

  • Ryken, Philip G., Thomas, Derek W. H. and Duncan, J. Ligon (eds.), Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship (Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R, 2003)

  • Due, Noel, Created for Worship (Fearn, UK: Mentor, 2005)

  • Sproul, R. C., A Taste of Heaven (Sanford, FL: Reformation Trust, 2006)

創世記導論 (Introduction to Genesis)

聯絡: Dr. Felix Chung

電話: (03) 9898 9384


科目內容: 此科目為聖經研究之科目, 目的為幫助平信徒與教會領袖明白創世記之神學主題, 釋經內容, 及對信徒生活實踐之幫助。為 協助教會平信徒及領袖研讀創世記之用。

  • 普世焦點與以色列焦點

  • 創造與毀滅

  • 神人之約

  • 有關釋經方法

  • 有關歷史事實

  • 族長之歷史

  • 從創造與毀滅

  • 從族長的歷史



  1. 能出席課堂達80%

  2. 主動參與課堂討論及活動

  3. 完成一篇1000字之文章

  4. 閱讀課堂派發之參考資料


  1. 能出席課堂達80%

  2. 參與課堂討論及活動

  3. 閱讀課堂所派發之參考資料

Supervised Learning Experience Years I-IV

4 cps (per semester)

Presbyterian ministry candidates undertake Field Education each year over four years. This includes Guided Reading and Sermon Review in years one to four and supervised field education placement in years three and four. See PCA candidates

Training for the Kingdom of Heaven



For new enrolments (Ts & Cs apply)