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Ben Nelson

Church History & New Testament

Working Title: "The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Annotationes in Evangelium Ioannis of Johannes Oecolampadius."

Principal Supervisor: Dr Rowland Ward

Co-Supervisor: Rev Dr Jared Hood

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Chanreiso Lungleng

Old Testament

Working Title: "Jonah’s Motive: Reading the Book of Jonah in the light of Exodus 32–34."

Chanreiso's research is a re-examination of the message of the book of Jonah against the background of Exodus 32–34. Reading Jonah in the light of Exod 32–34, he proposes that Jonah’s protest for sparing of Nineveh is motivated by his concern for God’s glory. Jonah grapples with how God’s extension of his mercy to Nineveh, which effectively seals the destruction of Israel, glorifies his name (Jon 4:2 cf. Exod 32:12; 34:10). In response, Jon 4:6–11 subverts Jonah’s sincere but misguided zeal to teach that God’s glory is revealed most radiantly in showing his mercy even to the most undeserving Nineveh (echoing Exod 33:18–19; 34:6).

Principal Supervisor: Professor Dr Allan Harman

Co-Supervisor: Rev Dr Jared Hood


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