Presbyterian ordination

We have been training men for ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church since our foundation in 1866. We offer a four-year programme which integrates academic study, preaching classes, church placements and pastoral training.  In addition, there is a process in place to accept ministers of other denominations into the Presbyterian church. 


Available courses

Both streams are part of our integrated candidate training programme.


Daniel Dixon

Master of Divinity/Graduate Diploma of Divinity

Daniel was an accountant for a sports insurance company, however after undertaking a ministry apprenticeship decided to pursue ordination as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. Following four years of training at the PTC, he is now the minister at Williamstown Presbyterian Church. 

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We have developed a special Intercultural Studies Programme which is aimed at those preparing to become missionaries, or further their skills in this area. The programme is offered as part of various courses, and combines biblical, theological and practical subject areas with a major study focus in mission.

joy arundell.jpg

Joy Arundell

Bachelor of Ministry

Joy has served in various missionary roles, starting in youth ministry here in Melbourne before completing a Ministry Internship in Fiji. She then served in India at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Returning to Melbourne, she worked with the Deakin Christian Union through AFES, and now serves alongside her husband at Chalmers Presbyterian Church.

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Chaplaincy is a growing field of ministry, with positions available to men and women in a variety of areas. While the PTC doesn't offer specific degrees in chaplaincy, we provide training pathways within existing degree structures to equip you with the qualifications you need. 


Specialised units

  • Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Chaplaincy in Educational Settings
jacqui spanos.jpeg

Jacqui Spanos

Bachelor of Ministry

Jacqui came to PTC as a part-time student in 2004, while also juggling the responsibilities of having young children. She has faithfully continued in her studies, always striving to learn more so she can better serve others in her work as a chaplain.

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Theological study

A deeper knowledge of God and His Word is of benefit to people from all walks of life, both for personal development and to better serve others in ministry. We offer courses from the introductory to advanced level, providing opportunities for everybody who wants to study theology. 

andrew wong bachelor theology ministry ptc reformed

Andrew Wong

Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry

Andrew was studying to become an accountant when he felt God's call on his life to dedicate his time to theological study and the living out of his faith. After a period of prayer and reading the Bible and Christian literature, Andrew is now studying a BTh/BMin here at the PTC! Alongside his studies, Andrew serves as the leader of the Salt and Light Mission to the homeless in Melbourne's CBD.

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Women's ministry

We are passionate about equipping women with theological education and ministry training, to prepare them for service in their churches and wider community. Our degrees in ministry teach pastoral ministry skills, built upon a strong academic foundation of theological study. 


Women's Training expression of interest

Not ready for a full degree, or just looking for something to supplement your church's teaching? 

In 2018, we're looking forward to our second Women's Training Conference, as well as practical seminars throughout the year. 

Teaching theology

The Doctor of Theology (ThD) is used as the ACT’s premier research degree for graduates who are already engaged in the ministerial profession, and are aspiring teachers in universities and theological colleges in Australia and overseas.[1] In addition to the ThD, PTC also offers the Doctor of Philosophy programme. 


Available courses

ben nelson greek teacher phd student

Ben Nelson

Master of Divinity, PhD candidate

Ben was a high school Latin teacher prior to his pursuit of theological study at the PTC. He is a member of faculty teaching Greek and New Testament classes, and is also working towards his PhD. Ben attends Point Cook Presbyterian Church with his family, and is an assessor elder for the South Yarra congregation. 

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